Thursday, December 27, 2007

The other turkey breast

On Christmas Day, the boy roasted a frighteningly large turkey breast, and the 5 adults and 3 children present, could not finish it. And we had another one just like in the fridge.

But we put off roasting the other half, until today. And by then it was too late. It had already become "whiffy".

I still can't get over how we've had to chuck out fifty bucks worth of off-turkey. And I just love the stuff (when it's not "off", that is).

I also can't get over how enormous the complete bird must've been when it was still alive and bullying all the smaller turkeys. It must have been a mighty Thor of birds.


Angela said...

I hate throwing out food, but I am the first one to toss it when the expiration date comes up. I don’t eat anything with a weird smell or a passed expiration date. It is quite amazing how big some of those birds get. We have some ham that I need to stick in the freezer if we don’t eat it soon.

Kazzer said...

At least you got turkey. Baby-head managed to leave the bag of giblets inside and ruined the whole thing! In my defence, I was suffering from severe sleep deprivation.
Glad you had a lovely Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly (?often?) amazed at how small NZ turkeys are - when I was cooking family Christmas dinners in the UK I would buy a small turkey - 22lb (10kg). I have not yet found a turkey in NZ anything like as large as that. Hopefully someone here will shout at me and say I'm looking in the wrong places.

My oven ought to be the source of grief and anxiety to me as it ought to be too small to fit a turkey in, but it's not.

Violet said...

angela: yeah it's just not worth getting physically sick over. But I just know that if we'd only cooked it a day sooner, then we might have had some yummy food for the next few days.

kazzer: couldn't you still eat the meat, and just leave what would have been the stuffing?

satsumasalad: with a bird that big, you must've been feeding a pretty big family!

Anonymous said...

Not very many - 10 people perhaps - but the turkey would go on for a few days, featuring in sandwiches, stirfries and curries until it was gone, then I'd boil it all up and freeze the stock.

My parents' family Christmas Dinners would have two or even three joints of meat. They were serving to about 20 people, but nevertheless we'd be eating leftovers for a good long time.

Violet said...

satsumasalad: I still remember single-handedly finishing off the roast turkey leftovers over the course of a week, while I was pregnant. If I did that now, people would just call me a piglet.