Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gettin' waisted (A nice bit of boning, part 2)

It's funny how the beautiful corsets I saw in town two days ago, have stayed in my mind. That would be why I'm posting about corsets again.

I spent the rest of Friday evening Googling corsets, and though I had to sift through many, many lingerie webpages, I did find a few other locals (as in, in NZ) in the business of making corsets for outerwear. For instance, this one from the goth/punk people, Forge Fashion, is very nice, and I guess I'm showing a bias for blood-red when I add that this one from Bastet is also rather tempting (the mini bustle is kinda cute too), not to mention this underbust one from Customised Corsetry.

But, as Make Tea Not War commented, where the hell would I get to wear such a thing? We don't get invited to cocktail parties, and wearing a real corset to a sit-down dinner would eventually result in extreme physical discomfort and an early hobble home. I could, of course, just wear it at home for the boy. But I might have to get that jar of horny goats weed first (for me).

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