Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quick Christmas Roundup

The setting:
At my mum's house. It'd been rainy and chilly all morning, though by the time we turned up (around 3pm) the sun had come out - so we could stand around outside watching the kids run around, and pretend it was summer.

Me - a purple furry wallet (picked by TLM), a vivaciously decorated canvas satchel, a Nintendo DS game (picked by the boy), a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns and some money. A subscription to Writing magazine to come.

The boy - an instructional book for learners of bass guitar, including the sheet music for several popular rock songs, a tube of men's moisturiser, an XBOX game, the complete Blackadder series on DVD and some money.

The Little Madam - a TV Favourites colouring book, a Dora the Explorer scrapbook, a set of Dora pens, a Dora clock, a music box, a Ninky-Nonk (from In the Night Garden, on the telly), a purple tiara, some dress-up ballet slippers,a parachute toy and some money. TLM probably won the presents race.

An inconceivably large turkey breast, roasted
Wild rabbit, also roasted
Pork with Chinese mushrooms
Veges stir-fried with fish balls
The kids also got ice cream and jelly; the rest of us were full of turkey.

Drugs of choice:
The two non-Asians present consumed most of the wine; the rest of us went teetotal.
The kids were loud, sugar-loaded and sang like drunks.


Christmas has gotten a lot more fun since the kids came into existance. Though I still miss the office parties I used to attend.

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Angela said...

I too think Christmas is more fun with a wild child running around.
Glad you had a fun time