Monday, December 17, 2007

Poos and naps

I haven't told the boy yet, but I'm kinda leaving TLM's potty training until Christmas. By then, her daycare will be closed for 2 weeks and we can hang around sitting her on the potty every hour. We already ask her to sit on the potty at least once a day, just before bathtime, and if she manages to do something in it then we do lots of yelling and hooraying. I'm still not convinced, though, that TLM actually realises when she's poo-ed or wee-ed, until we show her the stuff.

But another, less pleasant milestone is threatening to cross the finish line before potty-training does - then giving up of daytime naps. She's missed her naps a few times in the last few weeks, though each time she's been a total ratbag all afternoon. Normally, if she keeps screaming, I'll get her out of the cot. But today, I let her scream for 15 minutes and she actually went all quiet after that (I'm assuming she went to sleep).

So I suppose crying it out must apply even to near-preschool age.


Make Tea Not War said...

I think you are fairly lucky to have had day time naps for as long as you did. Z gave up on them at about 18 months and hasn't had one since- though she did used to go to sleep at 6 pm every night.

Good luck with the toilet training.

Angela said...

Gregory still takes long naps. Guess I am lucky.
Potty training good luck
I am not quite sure when that will happen here

Violet said...

mtnw: the main advantage to loss of naps, as I see it, is that you can go out for the day without worrying that you're keeping 'em up.

angela: yes, you really are...

Single Parent Dad said...

Good Stuff. Max is still taking naps, and he'll be 3 on Saturday. I know what you mean about it now being an inconvenience, but he then usually has a nap on the way home. He could sleep on a six-pence by that point.

Good luck with the potty training, I hope you don't need it!

Violet said...

single parent dad: yeah, I've done that a little, but find that TLM doesn't tend to sleep as well in a buggy or car, as she does in her cot. And besides, I don't want to sit in the car for 90 minutes while she naps.