Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas in the park

TLM's daycare Christmas party was this morning. It was held at a park in the city, a lovely place with trees and walking trails, and a dangerous place after dark.

There was a massive flying fox set up at one end of the playground, but if I'm too chicken to go on it myself then there's no way I'd let a two-year-old ride on it. So she had to be content with frequent swings, co-driving the "fire engine" with her crush (a smiley, curly-haired little boy who seemed oblivious to TLM's attentions) and getting strawberry juice all over her Dora top.

It was during my conversations with some of the parents, that I discovered what Ms Mac already knows - that many parents ignore the $5 limit when buying a present for Santa's helper to give to their respective children.

It was after we got home, when TLM's "magic" Hello Kitty wall stickers refused to adhere, that I knew for sure you get what you pays for.

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Angela said...

It would be nice if people actually ment what they say
Sometimes you don't even get what you pay for everything is going up in price.