Thursday, November 22, 2007

This and that

The Troubles
It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks here on the Short and Sweet blog. When you have the combined forces of 1) blogger’s block, 2) mysterious Internet disconnections and go-slows, and 3) inability to leave a comment on Blogger blogs, you can pretty much guarantee that I ain’t getting no blogging satisfaction.

So I’m resorting to creating the entire blog post on Word first, then copying it to Blogger when I’m done. It’s the only way to avoid another temper tantrum like the one I threw last night.

TLM Update

The Little Madam has been decorating one of our kitchen cupboards with Mr Happy stickers. While it’s hardly going add market value to the house, I think of it as a way to display her artwork without using up space on the fridge door.

Her back molars are on their way. At least, I think they are. She’s salivating like crazy, often wakes up grumpy and wet-faced, and usually wants ice cream. Okay, strike that last one – she always wants ice cream.

With the aim of breaking her preference for Wiggles music, I’ve introduced her to world music. Specifically, the Playground series by Putamayo. She loves Caribbean Playground and French Playground, but is lukewarm on Latin Playground. So there goes my fantasy of teaching her to sing “One ton tomato, I got a one ton tomato…one ton tomaaaaato, I got a one ton tomato…”

In the face of genius

On Tuesday I went to an exhibition of Bill Hammond paintings. He is, of course, very highly regarded in the New Zealand fine arts community. But after seeing his works up close, all I felt was disillusionment in my own painting ability. I know that it’s stupid and unhelpful to compare oneself with someone at the top of their game, but I did.

For the same reason, reading really good short stories (which short-story writers are supposed to do, and which I’ve been doing a lot of) has put me off writing short stories. Get a grip on yerself, woman!


Make Tea Not War said...

It is pointless comparing yourself to others- yet I was in a bad mood all day yesterday because I read my Alumnae Magazine. So many gorramn overachievers winning Fullbright Scholarships while simultaneously composing arias and volunteering in refugee camps. Don't they ever get tired!?!

Daddy L said...

I hold you and all Aussies personally responsible for The Wiggles!

Fortunately The Boy doesn't see them very often, but when he does, a little part of me dies inside.

Give The Ramones a shot. TLM is too young to understand the content, but it's got a good beat and she can dance to it.

In the end, isn't that what it's all about?

Nigel Patel said...

That's why I started Hand Made Luck(s) on Wordpress and Myspace.
But Wordpress was too flibbin' flabbin' difficult to work with and with Myspace I feel too much like a granddad.

I agree that The Ramones are super toddler-friendly, also I think anything surf'y would be something a youngster would dig on.
In my youth it was Bakersfield Country. Mostly Buck Owens.

Violet said...

Daddy l and Nigel: two votes for Ramones, huh? I'd better ask the boy whether he's got any in his CD collection.