Sunday, November 25, 2007

Doing a Hollywood *

TLM might well become an actress when she grows up. Somehow she’s decided it’s a great idea to pretend to fall over and cry out, expecting someone to rush over to rescue her. It’s so obviously fake that she’s going to have to be a model-slash-actress** as opposed to an actress – or else get acting lessons. Still, where on earth did she learn this?

* I first came across this expression when I was a karate student. It was used to refer to faked injuries during competition bouts.

** I refer, of course, to the expression used in the movie Zoolander, used to refer to actors who were models first.


Kazzer said...

She hasn't been watching soccer, has she?

Violet said...

kazzer: good god, no! Sport on television is as welcome in my house, as children's advertising.

Angela said...

My son does the same thing. He will fall down the first time by accident. I will help him up. He then thinks the whole falling down thing is fun and do it again. He doesn’t cry during this, but he grunts like he is ssaying I’ve fallen and can’t get up. He does this several times in a row. It is actually quite cute. He doesn’t do it every day just once and awile.