Thursday, November 29, 2007

fake stories about real people

You may (or not) have noticed that I haven't been posting much about my fiction writing. Well, that'd be because I haven't been doing much. My second short story was more or less finished with a few weeks ago, and I've been tinkering with story ideas since then.

I have found a fun writing exercise to do though. Last week I borrowed a book from the library which contained photographers' portraits of their own families. Far from the smiley, posed photos that the rest of us prefer, these portraits are more arty and some are more than a little bit weird. So what I've been doing is picking a photo and then coming up with a background story to go with it. I avoid pictures of physically beautiful people - the best ones are of quirky faces, unusual poses and bizarre outfits.

Perhaps I'll post one some time, if I deem it blogworthy. In the meantime though, it's fun to do - maybe you should try it too.


Angela said...

Before I lost my vision I use to look at pictures of people and make up stories about them. It was always more fun knowing they were actual people even if I knew nothing about them.

Violet said...

angela: yeah, I just hope the real people never find out the terrible things I'm writing about them...