Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A new round of daycare centre inspections

I'm currently obssessed with finding a daycare for TLM for when she turns 3, because by then she'll be too old to attend the lovely daycare she goes to right now. Granted, this won't happen until August next year, but waiting lists for daycares are longer than the queues were for the last Harry Potter novel.

The obvious solution, I thought, was to canvas the parents of TLM's current fellow inmates, and put her on the same waiting lists as their kids. But, from the few I've talked to, everyone seems to have decided on different places, and most of them are across town. So there goes the idea of TLM going some place where she already knows people (y'know, like in Cheers). Of course, I could consider daycares that are inconveniently located, but I'll only do that as a last resort.

Last week I visited two potential daycares and one kindergarten, and yesterday TLM and I visited another daycare. So far, the place I like best is the kindie, which is a bit sad because they only offer three 2 1/2 hr sessions per week, and I was hoping to work part-time (20 hrs/week) next year.


Make Tea Not War said...

Well if you are driven to the last resort we are very happy with the one Z goes to. It is inconveniently across town from you BUT not that far from where your Boy works. The waiting list is pretty long there too of course.

Incidentally I don't know if your local school is as absurd as ours but if you think you might want to use after school care it might not be too soon to see if there is a waiting list. I foolishly left all that till Z was 3 only to find that the list had CLOSED & I couldn't even get her on it.

Violet said...

mtnw: that's a more-than 2 year waiting list! That's ridiculous! Needless to say, the idea of looking for after-school care hadn't even entered my mind - but then, I'm hoping that I can work part-time, within school hours.

Angela said...

Good luck with the hunt.
It is not a fun one.
I am so glad that worked out when I went back to work

Ben said...

Violet, sorry I haven't returned the information that you lent me last week. I'll bring it along on Tuesday.

Violet said...

angela: yep. I good work/childcare situation is a very precious thing and not to be abandoned lightly...

ben: no probs.