Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This morning I couldn't get out of bed. I tried for about two hours, while the boy was up and attending to TLM, but every time I moved a muscle I would get a shart pain in my left lower back.

There are women who say that, once you've experience the labour pains of childbirth, any other kind of pain is nothing.

Well, this doesn't apply to me. Standing, sitting, turning, reaching - all of these made me cry out in agony. There were tears. There was very nearly a toileting accident (but - phew, not). The boy is out now, buying some heavy-duty painkillers in the hope of an afternoon without loud "Arrrrggggh!"s. I hope so too.


Kazzer said...

Violet - you need to get to the doctors. They will give you muscle relaxants and pain killers. Watch out for ones containing codeine - these bung you up. Try and keep moving if you can (yes, I know it hurts). I'm really sorry this has happened to you and I know what agony it is. Sending good healing vibes your way.

Nigel Patel said...

This sounds like a bending/lifting accident. You may have done some damage to your lower back.
Luckily these are common enough that there's a lot that can be done to get you back up to normal.
My chiropractor memories are all warm and fuzzy with mended bad backs.

Violet said...

kazzer:thanks for the good vibes. Last time I had this I went to the doctors and all they could do was tell me to take panadol. The boy gave the spot a good going over, and I've been taking both muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. I'm definitely better today than I was yesterday - I could actually get out of bed by myself - so hopefully by tomorrow the boy can go back to work!

nigel: yep - it was my terrible posture, plus my bad habit of lifting and twisting at the same time, plus lack of physical fitness, plus the need to lift a 13kg toddler a lot...

Angela said...

Hope that pain goes away soon