Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the Rellies

There's been a dearth of bloggables lately, so here are a couple of photos of our Little Madam:

Here's TLM at the park on Sunday, bravely treading the wobbly bridge.

...and wearing the Dora pyjama top. If we put it on her before bedtime, there’s no chance of getting it off her until her next bathtime.


Kazzer said...

She is brave going on the wobbly bridge - I don't like those things. I suppose I have Dora to look forward to. I hope it's better than 'In the Night Garden'.
Cute Tiki bodysuit arrived today - I love it and sure baby Taf will too. Thank you.

Jon said...

Very cute! Personally, I used to love sand boxes. Now that I'm grown up, I'm sort of appauled at how incredibly filthy they are, but being a kid is supposed to be worry free

Violet said...

kazzer: but we all love In the Night Garden! You can't beat having a children's show being narrated by the actor who played the hero in I, Claudius.

jon: exactly. Once you stop being a kid, the thought of eating stuff that you found under the park bench just isn't as attractive, is it?