Monday, November 05, 2007

Bums on seats

I'm in the market for a novelty toilet seat, to replace the...erm...nasty and un-novel one we're currently putting up with. I quite like this one. But I've bid on similar loo seats before, and always end up at a Mexican stand-off i.e. the bidding goes up to, say $35, the time runs out and next thing I know it's being offered to all interested parties for $55. And I'm too stingy to pay that much, regardless of the sealife decorations.

What I should do, and haven't bothered to yet, is check out the retail prices of both novelty and straight toilet seats. It's the only way to know whether the trader is trying to rip us off or get us a bargain.

And if I get one, maybe I'll look for a mini version for the potty. Because TLM sure isn't interested in sitting on the plain white one.


Jon said...

Toto Washlet!! Trust me, they are worth it and once you use one, you'll understand!

Angela said...

Happy shopping :)

Violet said...

jon: I just went to the website to check it out (aren't those flashing bums hypnotising!) - that's not a toilet seat, that's a toilet system! I did like the sound of the remote control lid lifter though.

angela: thanks. Toilet seats aren't the sort of thing I'd normally spent time shopping for, just so you know :-)