Friday, August 31, 2007

the voice of authority

elizaf's latest post reminds me of a similar experience I had (though it didn't take part in the toilets of a gay nightclub).

Last Sunday, before TLM came down with the unidentified virus that has made her feverish all week, I took her to a park near the beach. (For some reason, the weather in August is often really lovely, then spring happens and it all turns to shit again.) For an extra-special treat, I'd bought us a gourmet ice cream in a cone.

We were sitting on the edge of the gravel pit (which is actually a more fun play area than it sounds), digging into the boysenberry and strawberry scoops with our respective spoons, when a little boy a few feet away started to kick gravel towards us.

TLM wasn't bothered, but I really hate getting dust in my ice cream. So I gave the naughty boy one of my glares. My glares work on TLM and they work on the boy, but unfortunately not on this boy. In fact, they seemed to encourage him to kick harder and with more determination.

A spray of dust hit my face, and without thinking I suddenly barked "No kicking gravel into people's faces!!! Or I'll tell your mum and I don't care who she is!!!"

Immediately I remembered that we were surrounded by respectable folks who wouldn't have appreciated the sound of a mum losing her temper. But then I caught the eye of a fellow mother seated a bit further down, and saw her smile with approval.

You don't have to be meek if you're a mum.


Angela said...

Kids can be brats sometimes. Good for you to speak up.

Desiree said...

I agree - good on you! You said what a lot of others wished they'd said.

Violet said...

it can be awkward sometimes though, when you want to tell a child off, because that kid's parent might bet offended.

Kazzer said...

Glad to hear it - I can't do meek. Mind you, in this country (UK) you'd probably get sued for hurting his feelings.

Leslie said...

We have problems like that here. Only, when I was working in retail, moms would let their children run all through the toy department, get lost and then claim it wasn't even their own fault. People who don't watch their children disgust me. >:P Nowadays, who wouldn't WANT to? Some one could snatch them up in a heartbeat... I'm too OCD to let my little girl do bad things... that I know of, haha!

Violet said...

kazzer: I never thought that the Brits were a sueing nation.

leslie: it's so irresponsible eh?

ElizaF said...

atta girl!! There is nothing like the 'don't mess with me, I have children' voice' :)

Remember, it takes a society to raise a child and you telling the beach bully to sling his hook is a very valuble lesson for said brat.

YOu may have saved him from a life of crime.

Good woman.

Violet said...

elizaf: gee, thanks. I like to know I'm doing my bit for the next generation.