Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where the cool kids hang

During yesterday's child-free morning, I set off to find a suitable cafe in town in which to practice my people-watching. But at 9.30 in the morning there didn't seem an awful lot of coffee-drinking going on, and the streets were bereft of potential story characters.

In the meantime I nearly bought 2 pairs of flat-heeled, knee high boots. There are winter sales on everywhere, you see, and I've been feeling boot-desire since about May. Never mind that, under the ubiquitous mummy-wear jeans I'm always in, you can't tell whether I'm wearing knee-high boots or socks and roman sandals. I just wanted some, and now I had time to look for them.

What stopped me from actually purchasing a pair, was the well-known fact that one should always buy shoes late in the day, as this allows for a bit of swelling in one's feet. So I asked to put them on hold, and returned to my search for a well-peopled cafe.

Finally I walked into a trendy place at the end of the street which is apparently a popular student hang-out. I've no idea why anyone would name an eaterie after Fidel Castro, but the odd name certainly hadn't put off the clientele. It was packed. The more recent arrivals were trying to order lattes and espressos while pressed into the tiny corridor in front of the counter, preventing the early birds from sauntering stylishly between the rear seating area and the front bit where all the exhibition photos were hanging.

But what a place for discretely observing the in-crowds! The girl at the next table visually screamed "art student", from the squeaky clean dreads to the op-shop clothes, to the designer boots which made a lie of her image as a poor but creative free-spirit.

Actually, she wasn't wearing designer boots. My mind had simply wandered back to those shoe store sales..


Angela said...

I am glad you found some people to watch.
Talking about the coffee places brings back memories of time with friends when I had really no adult responsibilities. I did not realize how easy I had it then. I would never give up the adult responsibilities I have now, especially the child one.

Make Tea Not War said...

>I've no idea why anyone would name an eaterie after Fidel Castro

Possibly because its on Cuba Street?

You could have come to Manufacturing Dissent during that child free time. It wasn't very good though so probably you had a better time people watching

Violet said...

angela: I get wistful sometimes about things like that - going to trendy cafes and eating out lots. But if I had stayed single and child-free I would probably have started to enjoy those things less and less anyway. It's just not the same as you get older.

mtnw: oh yeah :-)
I think it was on quite late in the morning, and I didn't think I'd be able to see the movie and still make it back to pick TLM up on time. So it wasn't very good, eh?

Nigel Patel said...

Well if it was just named "The Castro" it could have been a gay cafe.

I'm always on the lookout for non-traditional (non-All My Exes Live In Texas) truck drivers.

Leo said...

Did you get the boots in the end?

And if you think about Castro when he was simply fighting Baptista then it could stand for freedom and independence. Just forget the later stuff.

Violet said...

nigel: well it's called Catro's, you you almost got it right! What does the "all my ex's live in Texas" thing mean?

leo: yes I did. We went into town yesterday, I tried 'em on again, and I bought 'em. They're still in the breaking in stage though (they're a bit tight on the right foot), so I'll be just wearing them at home for a while).

Determinist said...

You must be planning some interesting cafe based plot in one of your short stories! When do we see? What did these people inspire in you?

Violet said...

determinist: nah, it just seemed like a good place to watch people. I did find an artsy-looking character, but I'm not 100% sure I'll use her.