Saturday, September 01, 2007

Six of one, half a dozen of the other

I spent my child-free time this afternoon looking for a Fathers Day present for the boy. It wasn't as hard as I'd expected - within about 20 minutes of arriving at the shopping precinct I'd found a nice piece of dark greenstone carved into the shape of a whale tail.

So the rest of the time I was trying to decide whether to buy a bigger day-to-day handbag which my nice notebook* will fit into, or a smaller notebook which will fit into my existing bag. Either option could cost the same - $15 (if I stick to sale items in the cheaper shops, anyway). Or maybe next time in town I'll just get one of each.

* I'm talking about stationery here, not my MacBook. And I'll be using the notebook for recording all those wonderful story/painting ideas I'll be having while I'm at the park with TLM or whatever.


Angela said...

I like the idea of buying both, but that is because I wouldn't mind some new things.

Violet said...

I know it's be cheaper to just buy a little notebook, but I want to use the beautiful one I already have. Plus, I'm kinda psyched for a new handbag now :-)