Thursday, August 16, 2007

High definition

The boy recently started buying HD (high definition) DVDs. Apparently HD DVDs look so much better than the normal kind, but then he's got better than 20/20 vision and I don't. So last night he showed me a smidgeon of 300, which he'd been itching to see ever since the news that the graphic novel was being made into a film.

And really, I didn't notice any difference between what I saw and what I usually see. It might be a non-geek, girlie thing, but I'm far more interested in a film's plot, themes, characters and acting than in whether it looks as good from three feet away as it does from ten. Or it may be because my eyesight is slightly deficient, and I'm the perfect customer for a low-quality tv set.


onscreen said...

I've seen some Hi-def TVs demoing Blu Ray disks in store, and the difference is quite remarkable, but so is the price tag. I think people get caught in the consumer trap that they have to have the best, and lose sight of the fact that they were happy with that 29in normal TV , and when it all comes down to it, a crap movie is still crap no matter how clear the picture is.

I'm with you Violet with the whole story is pretty dam important. But having said that I am looking forward to watching 300 on my old crusty 29in TV tonight!

Violet said...

onscreen: the boy highly recommends 300. He said it's totally a boy movie, and one which made him tear up at times. The last movie that had that effect on him was Gladiator.

PDX Mama said...

Oh, my husband is all about HD. He hardly wants to watch a movie on TV anymore if it isn't in HD! I think he watched 300 in HD as well. I really notice the difference between TV shows in regular non-HD format and those in HD format. Well, maybe that's b/c I can switch channels and compare!