Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Youth and beauty

It's so unfair. TLM has another cold, this time with a temperature and perhaps an ear infection too). She's sleep-deprived because she woke early from her nap after maybe 20 minutes.

But she still looks as fresh as a daisy (albeit a snotty one), while I'm the one with blood-shot eyes.


ElizaF said...

Ach well, at least you got away with a snot-free party :)

Angela said...

My goodness so many colds. That is just snot (not) right.
I hope you both get feeling better. It is no good feeling that way.

Violet said...

elizaf: yep. But only by a nose-hair.

angela: that's not all - she did major vomits yesterday, couldn't even keep much water down. Amazingly though, she woke up in the middle of the night as hungry as hell and she's been almost completely fine (just tired) since.