Monday, August 06, 2007

Murphy's Law strikes again

As you might remember, I was quite undecided about whether to throw TLM a birthday party, as we'd spent most of the winter so far, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, or incapacitated by cellulitus.

Then we struck an illness vacation - three glorious weeks in which no one was the slightest bit unwell - which ignited a small flame of hope, enough that we planned a small toddlers' party for this Saturday and a zoo visit for Sunday.

But Murphy's Law has struck again. Just days away from what should be a memorably fun weekend, the boy is suddenly lurching about in an unhealthy manner and TLM is producing her own snot farm.

Do you think they'll be fighting fit in just 5 days?


Angela said...

Oh my you guys may have a problem. Here’s hoping!

Michael C said...

They should definitely be better by then. At young ages though, she won't remember the party -- or not remember it if you have to skip it.

Determinist said...

Dave's got to start taking better care of himself - he's always sick!

Violet said...

angela: I've got all of my fingers crosses (it makes typing a little awkward though).

michael c: yeah I know. It's TLM's birthday, but it's really for us...

determinist: stop calling him Dave, he's the boy!