Friday, August 17, 2007

2 terrible

I reckon TLM's terrible twos has started. Yeah I know, she's been 2 for less than a week. But maybe she's advanced? So far, I've noticed:

- The nap-resistance started a few weeks ago.
- She tries to climb everything, whether it's the high chair or a dining chair or a climbing wall (though she doesn't get far with that). She's getting the hang of ladders too.
- The baby hammock has finally been retired. When she started to sit right up in it, I resolved to never leave her alone in it unless I was sure she'd be fast asleep while I was gone. Now that she's able to climb into it (while it's hanging on a low storage hook), it's time to put the whole thing away.
- She won't eat bananas, kiwifruit or oranges unless she can eat them the way I do i.e not already peeled and cut into little pieces. Even if she can't actually manage it.
- And she's saying "no" a heck of a lot.

All the above are probably just the start of a whole new era of hair-tearing, right?


Desiree said...

Oh yeah. And there's the word "Why?" to look forward to. Along with "Mine!". For me my only saving grace was that as a step-grandma I got to give those terrible twos back to the parents (heh!) 8-) On the other hand think of it as training for when she hits 11...

Violet said...

Yeah she's sayig "Mine" a bit, which is actually an improvement on simply whining, when another kid tries to mess with her stuff :-)

Angela said...

Isn't it funny how most children have a terrble time at this age.
My mom said it gets better when they start kindergarten. So the terrible is not just age two.
Have fun

Leslie said...

Well, Violet... at least she isn't laying down in stores or streets screaming her eyes out or throwing temper tantrums.... is she? I always associate that with the "Terrible Twos"... although my baby won't be two until November, so... who knows. Here is to hoping because so far I've been extremely lucky for the most part. Especially considering she has daddy's tempermant.