Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shoe fetish

The Little Madam's girly pink trainers were getting a bit scruffy and one of the laces had already broken off. So I looked around on the 'Net for some replacements.

Bobux seems to be the king of baby & toddler shoes around these parts, and here are some examples to prove it. Aren't they just good enough to cover with icing sugar and serve on a doily?

But a friend of mine told me where I could find something just as delectable, for a much smaller price tag, and that's where I went.

So when the soft orange leather shoes with navy blue flowers turned up in my mail box, I was pretty keen for TLM to do the proverbial twirl in them.

I had quite of trouble getting her feet into them though, even though I'd ordered a grow-into size. Perhaps it was due to the extremely thick fur-lining, something I hadn't remembered seeing in the photos.

And then I had an A-HA moment. That wasn't fur lining. It was stuffing, purely for the purpose of keeping the shoes' shape whilst in the post.

Naturally, when I told the boy about my moment of daftness, he said I should blog about it to make you lot laugh.


Ms Mac said...

Well, you made me laugh. I thought I was the only person who did silly things like that.

The Editter said...

I could see the "lining" in most of the photos!

C Maryon said...

There's the old story about the guy who was told to keep his jacket on a hanger, and after a week he said the jacket looks better but it's a bit uncomfortable...

Angela said...

Baby feet are already hard to get into shoes. I can just immagine how much harder they would be with the tuffing in them

Violet said...

ms mac: I do that stuff all the time. I think my brain needs a new motherboard - but perhaps a pre-motherboard might work better?

the editter: that's because you're a clever clogs:-) I was too entranced by the cute designs to notice what was in the bit TLM's foot was going to go into.

angela: yeah, at one stage I got one foot in and then realised her foot was almost folded over. Unintentional foot-binding!!