Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In our own image

I do my best not to let The Little Madam watch too much TV. I give her half an hour of kiddies shows in the morning while I shower and half an hour of Baby Einstein or The Wiggles in the evening before her bath, and that's it.

But TLM is probably doomed to grow up a TV addict anyway.

For one thing, both of her parents are avid TV watchers. We're quite discerning though, mind you, so there's a good chance she'll turn her nose up at reality shows too.

Another thing is that TLM just loves sitting on the boy's lap in front of the computer, while he's gaming. His game of choice is World of Warcraft, which means his monitor is always filled with fantastical animal-creatures. TLM watches them pounce around and roars. She sees them hit each other over the head and yells "Boom!". It's probably more fun than watching cartoons.

And then there's the fact that the boy sometimes watches old animated episodes of Dungeons & Dragons on DVD (like me, you probably didn't know it was a TV series either) with TLM on his lap.

Oh, no...she's doomed to become a gaming addict!

(Ahem...the naked look of the picture was purely unintentional.)


Make Tea Not War said...

Haha...well TLM can always be friends with my daughter- who has progressed to having a few of her own WoW characters who she like to run and jump with (hitting the space bar). She has a picture of one of them up on her bedroom wall and she frequently proudly refers to it as "My Character" She also like watching her Dad play. Yesterday I heard her say "Can we kill those moth things? I don't like them."

Ms Mac said...

Better a gaming addict than a gambling addict, I always say!

Monkey Migraine said...

Is it a bad sign when your 3-month old baby won't stop staring at the TV, even though he can't even talk or understand English yet? I worry about that.

Violet said...

mtnw: TLM has her own Wii mii, but thankfully she hasn't started playing with it yet. I'm sure the boy is grooming her to be his "successor" though...

ms mac: well that's true. You must be one yerself (gaming addict, that is) ;-)

monkey migraine: nah, it's perfectly normal. I think that's why you're not supposed to let 'em watch tv when they're that young. It really stimulates. Which is opposite to what it tends to do to grown-ups, eh?