Sunday, January 28, 2007

The end of the TV silly season

Once upon a time (i.e. shortly after I purchased my first VCR and blank tapes), television was something that simply got in the way of my social life. Now, television is my social life. I suppose that's why we have a telly that's almost bigger than the wall it hangs on.

It's also why I get excited about new television shows. House is back on Tuesday nights, Ugly Betty has already started and What not to Wear will soon be starting on Friday nights.

Although apparently Trinny and Susannah won't be in it, as they've defected to another TV channel. I can't imagine the show without their cruel-to-be-kind bluntness, so I'm intrigued as to how the new presenters are going to do it. I'm also curious how T & S will continue to produce new makeover books if they can't use the What not to Wear title any more.

It's all very thought-provoking really.

And you thought my life was unexciting.


Beth said...

Hi Violet,
In short, they DON'T do it without Trinny and Sooz. It is rubbish and was pulled after one series! The two women they get to do it (Mica Paris and some other girl) are not reknowned for their style and just don't have T+S's ballsiness. I didn't like it anyway.

Ugly Betty though - now that's a good show! WE are on episode three here.


Make Tea Not War said...

>Now, television is my social life.

Come on Violet-It's not as bad as that. Like me- you have the internet AND blogging as well as tv. It's a mad social whirl really when you think of it like that ;)

Angela said...

Get some of your friends who live near by to come watch TV with you.

Violet said...

beth: it's as I'd feared. Still, I sit through at least the first one just to see for myself. I think we're on episode three of Ugly Bety too, but I've managed to miss either the first one or the second one...

mtnw: that's true. When you factor in blogging, 'Net surfing and Wii tennis, then really I'm a busy gal!

angela: few of my friends watch the same shows and most of my friends don't live close by :-(