Saturday, January 06, 2007

The big date

Just before Christmas, our lovely nanny told me she was available for evening babysitting. Two weeks later (last night, that is), the boy and I headed out for an evening of celluloid and popcorn.

It was quite tricky deciding on the movie, because it had to be showing at a time that was after The Little Madam was in bed, but not so late that thirty minutes in I would disturb the rest of the audience with my snoring. I wanted us to go see Night at the Museum, because anything with Ben Stiller in it has a chance of being wildly funny, but the boy wanted to see Casino Royale (because he's a boy).

In the end Casino Royale won out, because The Empire was screening it at a reasonable time (8.10pm).

The night before, TLM had been really resisting bedtime - it took about an hour for her to settle down - and my fear was that she somehow knew what we were up to and was planning to disrupt it. Fortunately, on the big night she quietened down not long after the nanny arrived (early, to allow for time to master our many TV remotes).

We arrived at the cinema in plenty of time to get food at the adjoining cafe, and I sauntered up to the counter to buy our movie tickets. Too bad it was sold out, eh?

Why the hell didn't I get the tickets in advance? All the way back to town in the car I mentally beat myself up. (The boy berated me for doing so; he could quite easily hire professionals to do it properly, he joked. To which I replied that we ought to be trying to save money and surely it'd be heaps cheaper if he just did it himself.)

By the time we arrived at the cinemas in town, we were too late for the early-ish screenings and too sleep-needy for the late ones.

Plan B was to have a nice dinner instead. So we did. We went to Big Thumb, that superb Chinese restaurant with the very odd name. Afterwards, we strolled down the main strip (the first time I've been down there on a Friday night for a looong time, let me tell you), browsed in a Whitcoulls (he looked for DVDs and I searched fruitlessly for a Trinny-and-Susannah -makeovers-for-fat-mothers book).

It was a nice night, and hopefully the first of many.


Angela said...

Sounds like fun. It is always nice to go out and have fun. I am hoping to do that tonight. Not with my husband though, my friend from college may stop by and we can have some girl time

ElizaF said...

My husband defines our nights out as "paying someone so we can go out to talk about the kids instead of staying in and doing it for free"

Born romantic that man!

Make Tea Not War said...

A night out! How lovely. We haven't had one for ages as the Daughter of the House has been dragging out her bedtime for some time so we can't tell when will get her to settle though it will be sometime between 7-8. I don't want to inflict that drama on a babysitter and by the time she is asleep I'm too tired to consider going out. It sucks actually:(

Lumpyheadsmom said...

We took advantage of my parents when they were here to have a night out. We planned to get dinner and see Casino Royale, and had the same experience: sold out. We decided to see the later showing, went to dinner first, and got home waaaay too late for those old people.

The plot was utterly predictable. The foot chase at the beginning of the movie, though? The best I've ever seen. Really spectacular.

Added bonus: the new Bond is in pretty good shape. You should see the movie for the eye candy factor alone.

Scholiast said...

A night out without kids is worth a lot, even if it's only to the restaurant on the corner... Hope you'll have another one soon! :)

(Hmm. All blog word verifications today are "smenita". Blogger running out of options?)

Violet said...

hey, what happened to my reply comment I left days ago?