Monday, January 29, 2007

Corpses 'n' stuff (another post about television)

Murder mysteries have come a long way since the days of Miss Marple and Ellery Queen, haven't they?

Right after dinner tonight, while the boy did the dishes (a small miracle, but one I won't question in case he takes it the wrong way and never offers again), I kept the TV on and watched Bones.

To be honest, I tend to shy away from shows about murder these days. For one thing, the victims always seem to be female, and I'm not really entertained by constantly exposure to stories about men killing women. The other thing is that most of the shows are called CSI: something. It's like walking into a clothing shop and seeing nothing but black crew-necked t-shirts with stupid quotes on them.

The only reason I decided to watch Bones is because David Boreanz is in it. (And the only reason I watched an episode of Kitchen Confidential was because Nicholas Brendan is in it. It wasn't worth it.)

Yes, there were yucky bits (i.e. close-ups of a partially-decayed female corpse plus foetus) and yes there were forensics geeks aplenty. But the story was quite compelling and the main character is...well, such a character. She's like X-files' Dana Scully crossed with Buffy's Anya, minus the sexual tension of the former and the money-philia of the latter.

Trouble is, I'm not sure I'm going to get any sleep now that I've got murderous foetus-stealing mums on the brain.


Jon said...

I kind of like the new BBC Miss Marples with Geraldine McEwan..... she's not as uptight and adds a playfulness that the actress in the 80s series did not possess.

And I LOVE, love Helen Mirren in 'Prime Suspect'.

Nigel Patel said...

ST and I both think it's funny whenever David walks out into the sunlight.
But then one of our few post-breakup bonds was watching Angel at the same time and calling eathother during the commercials.

Michael C said...

That's why my wife stopped watching all of the CSIs, it was keeping her up at night. I've never cared for the forensic type cop shows. Plus, I no longer posess the attention span for an hour long drama ;-)

Violet said...

jon: I've never seen the Miss Marple that you mentioned, but I love Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect too. Do you remember there was an American version of that show? I watched it - it was good enough, but the actress was no Helen Mirren.

nigel patel: that's cute :-)

michael c: I still have the attention span for hour-long shows, but I'm much less tolerant of the irritating ad breaks though.