Monday, January 22, 2007

Plane-spotter and engine-driver

Public holidays always come as a surprise to me. That's probably why we tend to spend long weekends alone at home - everyone else got organised and left town already.

It's been a reasonably good weekend too, despite the boy being unwell and pretty much house-bound since Thursday (I won't go into the gory details, even if it wouldn't be TMI for you).

On Saturday I took The Little Madam to the beach, along with our Winnie-the-Pooh bucket, spade and sand-mold set. It just shows how little time I've spent on the beach, that I was surprised the molds didn't work on dry sand. TLM loved it though - she pointed at the airplanes in the distance as they made their descent onto the airport runway, making airplane-descending noises. There was also quite a bit of action on the beach itself, as surf life-saving people jogged around and got into outboard inflatable dinghies to prepare for some kind of competition.

In fact, she liked it so much that when I tried to leave she did the whole back-arching, screaming tantrum thing that is becoming more and more familiar to me now.

It's been a social weekend too. Yesterday we attended a barbeque and, though we didn't get to eat much (TLM was having too good a time and I was too busy cleaing up spat-out sausage off the floor), I did enjoy watching my little girl shuffle around after the boys (all walkers) and make cutsie-eyes at the grown-ups. And this morning at the park there was no shortage of young'uns to chase TLM through the tunnel, down the slide and around the pretend-fire engine.


Angela said...

Sounds like fun. It is so funny how you can go to the beach and I can play in the snow. Enjoy your warm weather.

Violet said...

Well I'm pretty sure there are some places where you can do both on the same weekend!

Michael C said...

Sounds like TLM is going to make a lot of friends as she grows up!

Violet said...

michaelc: yeah, she used to be a little quiet around other kids, but quiet is no longer the word - it was a shriekfest.