Sunday, January 14, 2007

A fine soiree

Shock, horror! Last night I went to a party alone (The Little Madam and the boy stayed home) and didn't get home until after midnight! Although I must admit that the last half hour I was at the party, was spent waiting for friends to decide whether they needed me to give them a lift home or not.

Still though, I went to a party. On my own. All dressed-up and made-up and everything.

Though I didn't drink at all, and about 70% of my conversation was about kids.

Does it still count?

A big bonus to being present at this little birthday bash, was that the art-loving hosts own several works of mine.

Yep, these guys actually paid good money to possess and display some of my paintings and prints. Some of the other guests even uttered ego-stroking remarks about the prints, while the drunker ones examined the nude and wondered out loud whether it was a self portrait (to which I hastened to reply that I'd painted it before I had a child so it would be impossible to compare it to my present figure, and in any case how the hell does one paint a self portrait of one's back?)

Of course, all this fun would have been impossible for me if it hadn't been for the boy's willingness to perform babysitting duties.


Angela said...

A party is a party. I think you can’t escape children talk if you are a mom. I have the same problem.

Michael C said...

Nights like that are few and far between for us. I think it's perfectly ok talking about kids. If they wouldn't keep doing such cute things, then we'd have to really work on what to talk about!

ElizaF said...

It definately counts. If you had alcohol as well, it would have been an orgy so one step at a time. Don't rush it.

Jon said...

After midnight? You rebel, you. Haha, just teasing. Must feel nice to go out on your own after having a child, every once in a while. You deserve it :-)

Violet said...

angela: it really highlights how little else I have going on in my life. But then, parenthood can be pretty all-embracing eh?

michael: nights like that are so rare that I've lost my once-famous ability to entertain guests with lurid tales and witty repartee.

elizaf: actually, if I'd had alcohol too it wouldn't been a snoozefest. I have a laughably low alcohol tolerance, and when it's reached I don't dance on tables - I fall asleep (or get sick and go home).

jon: I get so jealous when I read about your evenings out at trendy eateries and cosy clubs. This is the best I can do. Nice to hear from you, btw :-)

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Your event totally counts as a party, but I don't think The Boy's night counts as "babysitting." He gets points for solo parenting - unless TLM was asleep the whole time, then he gets squat.

happy and blue 2 said...

I think it's great for you to have gotten out.
Do you think the boy is setting you up so he can have a night out with his friends, ha,ha..

Violet said...

Lumpyheadsmom: Ooh, you're a toughie! He may have had to re-settle her once or even twice, so I think it counts as babysitting.

happyandblue2: well funny you should mention that, because he probably owed me a couple of nights already by then :-)