Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wassup at ten months

Baby turned ten months old today. Only two more months to go before we can try her out on dairy, egg and wheat (just a precautionary measure due to my highly allergic family history) - that means cheese sauce, crumpets and pizza!

She still doesn't crawl, and when you hold her up she still tends to keep her legs bent. But she's very good at sitting.

She's also good at turning the pages of her boardbooks, but if you give her a book with normal pages, there's a good chance some of those pages will disappear down her gullet.

Baby's slowed down on the weight gains (now just under the 50th percentile), but apparently this could be due to genes taking over. In other words, she could still end up being a shorty like me.

Her preference for junk food is getting stronger all the time. It's now pretty hard work getting her to eat fruit and veges. If it were easy to inject fruit, veges and mince into oven fries, I would.

I finally started dressing her up on a day-to-day basis just a few months ago. Instead of wearing a babygro day and night, she's now cavorting around in candy striped bell-bottoms and funky flowery tunics. She look so cute I can't get over it.

Once we got back from holiday, Baby's sleep improved again. Now she does 6-7 hour stints most nights and nap times are just as likely to be a breeze as a battle. Does this mean we ought to put off calling in the sleep consultant?

She's definitely becoming a little girl rather than a baby. Soon I'm going to have to think of a new moniker. How about Daddy's Girl?


Beth said...

Happy 10-month birthday Baby!
Eve is definitely more of a "girl" now than a baby. I started dressing her about two months ago when she started at the creche at my gym (so I could go swimming). All the other babies were in clothes and she was still in her all-in-ones at 7 months (they are so damn easy!!!). Now I'm enjoying buying her clothes that make her look cute. Eve is still not crawling but she cries unless she is upright and standing. We bought her a baby-walker (the advice here is similar to in NZ, but we don't have any deck/stairs etc and I never let her out of my sight in it). Bet you'll be glad when she can have dairy. Eve loves yoghurts and cheese (especially macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese).

happy and blue 2 said...

Woohoo. She's growing up. And learning how to sit is important for when she becomes a high powered executive later in life..

Avery's mom said...

congratultions of making it 10 months! you made me feel a bit better about the crawling issue because Avery (9mo1wk) only screams to have things brought to her. Forget about her making the effort to move her own butt by scooting or Heaven forbid, Crawling. Maybe someday, maybe I'm in too much of a hurry to get my baby mobile, just I'm anxious about having another bundle in arms come 3 more months.
And dressing up little girls is the fun part of having a daughter. I've looked at the boy cloths out there and nothing even intrest me....I'm going to sectretly dress this baby boy up in his big sisters stuff when Daddy isnt looking.

Violet said...

beth: that's my next step - getting her accustomed to being at the creche down at the local pool, so I can start getting into shape again. Food will be so much easier once we can give her stuff we normally eat (pizza, curries, fish'n'chips - and I'm only half joking).

happy and blue 2: she's already showing signs of following in her dad's footsteps - she really enjoys sitting in front the computer and watching him play World of Warcraft.

avery' mom: I'm ambivalent about her move to crawling/walking. On the one hand, it should tire her out and make naptimes easier. On the other hand, it's going to be a lot harder getting time to take a shower...
Batman would be livid to see his son in pink, eh?

The Editter said...

I reckon you should keep calling her Baby - after all, you have the Boy, whose age does start with 3 (but has another digit). If you keep moving Baby up you'll have the Woman when her daddy is still the Boy.

Violet said...

editter: I'm a little bored with Baby as a pseudonym though. Maybe I could change the boy's as well. And my own. And perhaps also the title of the blog.