Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thoughts on travelling with a baby

I don't know why you can't get dehydrated baby food. It should exist, because when you're planning on a two-week holiday with a baby you have to plan on packing forty-odd jars of baby food. That stuff's heavy, you know.

What's worse when you're rooming in a duplex - having childless neighbours or having neighbours with an equally sleepless baby? When it's the former, you feel bad that maybe your baby's screaming is keeping the neighbours awake or putting them off their nookie. When it's the latter, it's likely the babies will set each other off all night. I don't know.

Today I discovered that I needn't have made do with my maternity swimsuit, because I do in fact have a very nice non-maternity swimsuit. I simply forgot I owned one, because I hoard all my old clothes and then forget I have them. But I still can't find those almost-new polypropylene thermal tops that I bought last winter, and which I was looking for when I found the swimsuit.

There's an old saying, possibly Chinese, the gist of which is that it's necessary to travel in order to appreciate home. Well, it's bloody true.

During a holiday is probably the best time to discover that your baby really likes oven fries, hash browns, fruity yoghurt and barbequed sausages - they're always available at the breakfast buffet and give her a valuable introduction to the world of fast food.

Next time we travel with Baby - if there is a next time - I'm going to spend more time researching drugs. Pamol was great for preventing ear pain during the airplane's descent, but we haven't come across anything that'll make nudge her to sleep (Phenergan does nothing. Nothing).

You get more smiles and much better service if you have a cute baby with you. But then, you really need it.


Beth said...

Hi Violet,
Glad you found your swimsuit. I'm swimming 50 lengths a day at the moment so going through swimsuits rapidly!
How was your baby on the plane? My husband has to take Eve on a plane in August (to Cornwall) without me and I'm dreading she'll suffer with the ear pain. I always did as a child and consequently despise flying. Would you recommend the Calpol (Pamol)?
How's your baby's sleep been since you got back? I hope it's back to the way it was when she was doing longer stretches at night.

Jon said...

I don't know if you'd get that many smiles if you have a crying baby on board a plane.... even if she is adorable.

I was pretty quiet and didn't cry much, though the terrible twos did have an effect on me

Rainypete said...

It is my experience that you are correct on the multiple baby theory. Once one gets crying it's like some deranged auditory brush fire. That spark just sets them all off.

I recommend travel for anyone with little ones. Not only will you appreciate being home with all the distractions ti will also show the kids the world around them. And yes, there's nothing like a cute baby to leverage good service.

Wicked said...

Forget the Phenergan. Remember one word - Valergan. My sister had to use it on her son (who seems to have the same sleeping patterns as Baby); worked a treat. She only used it for a limited time, to get him back into a sleep routine.

And I'm so pleased you're back!! I've had bugger all to read!!!

happy and blue 2 said...

I also agree that people with babies should travel. It helps with birth control for the non baby people.
Plus "share the misery" is my motto..

Violet said...

beth: I've yet to swim a single length since the birth; you're doing well with the 50 lengths per day! Baby was great on the outward flight - we gave her Pamol an hour before, and she was happily playing in her bassinet seat while the kid across the aisle was screaming like kid with sore ears. On the return flight we accidentally packed the Pamol in the check-in luggages... Oh, and yes, her sleep has started to go back to pre-holiday rhythms, although the last couple of nights weren't so good because she has a cold.

jon: If we got any smiles we didn't notice, because on the return flight we were too busy trying to stop Baby from crying...

rainypete: yep, perhaps I'd rather suffer the guilt of knowing our neighbours can hear crying, than suffer a symphony of crying babies.

wicked: Valergan, eh? I'll definitely look into it for next time. While I was in e-exile, you should have been updating your own blog!

happy and blue 2: it's an effective birth control for those of us with babies too.