Thursday, June 29, 2006

Social leprosy

I'm so sick of cold viruses now. Baby's just started her third cold since we got back from Fiji - that's less than one month ago - I'm only just getting over mine and the boy is now in the throes of his second since Fiji. Frustrating as this is for my plans to sleep train Baby, there's now much more at stake - our social life.

When Baby's got a cold, we can't go to our mothers' group meetings or swim class or visit friends or entertain. A trip out in the buggy means wrapping her up like a burrito in several layers of hats, hoods and blankets, and strictly adhering to the use of our plastic weather shield. No-one gets to cuddle, play with or breathe anywhere near the vicinity (except for me and the boy who are already sick anyway).

In future I'm going to have to think twice about borrowing stuff from the library, because library books are the number one way of passing on germs if you're a reader (I know this for a fact, because when I started working at a library I caught three colds in two months). Either that or disinfect anything likely to get into Baby's hands.

I wonder if there's such a thing as Echinacea for babies?


The Skirt said...

Mmm, burritos. Now you've made me hungry!

Emily said...

Apparently there IS a Junior Ecchinecea (sorry about the spelling) available - some stranger accosted me in Newtown New World when he saw my toddler had a runny nose and started raving on about it. I haven't had a look for it yet though.

EB said...

We've been missing playgroups and such every second week this year and what's frustrating is that I'm the one that is sick. For the first two winters it seemed like every week one of us takes a turn with the cold.

Violet said...

the skirt: not for spicy baby burritos, I hope!

emily: how about that - it's probably aimed at kids older than mine, but it's gotta be worth looking into.

eb: oh no! I hope that's not our fate. So the real cause of that feeling of isolation that SAHM's get is caused, not by lack of a social network, but by an avalanche of viruses that prevent us from using our network.

Kazzer said...

You should go somewhere hot for the winter - England's nice.