Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Before I forget

My memory is infamously bad; my closer friends have all accepted it, but there are many aquaintances out there who probably simply thought I was a total snob. It's not just people's names I'm bad with, but their faces too.

This impediment is so bad that I once pretended to know some guy who greeted me on the street. It wasn't until half way through our movie date that I realised we'd never met before - he was merely chatting me up that time.

At work, I completely covered the frame of my computer monitor with yellow Post-it notes, because otherwise I'd spent way too long looking up instructions on how to do stuff. I had to record every single password and PIN at the front of my work diary.

If I didn't have this blog I'd have a hard time recalling what films or books I've enjoyed in the last six months. Even if I've known them for years, I still have to be reminded of most friends' or family members' birthdays.

I think it started with my being really unobservant, which in turn was because I was always shy and self-conscious. When you're so worried how you came across to others, then you're hardly going to properly notice what's going on around you, right?

Only nowadays it's worse than ever, due to being a mother and being older.

A cousin - the one whose husband I kept inadvertantly snubbing - once suggested that it might a mineral deficiency. I can't for the life of me remember what that mineral is though.


happy and blue 2 said...

If all girls were like you I could probably get a few more dates than I do now..

Violet said...

yeah, but they'd all be first dates only!

Beth said...

HI Violet.
The photos of Fiji look amazing. I'm so jealous.
I used to have an amazing memory. Seriously - I could memorise converstaions I'd had word for word (much to my husband's disdain). Since Eve my memory is shot to pieces. I can't remember waht day of the week it is. I'm dreading going back to teaching because I know I'll forget my timetable/important meetings etc etc.
My mum has just been on a course to improve her memory and speed-reading (paid for by her work) and says it is amazing how much she remembers now, so maybe thats the way forward.

EB said...
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EB said...
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The Skirt said...

That might be B1 - thiamin. Try

Violet said...

beth: someone who'd been on a speed-reading course (it was eb!) told me that eating pork is bad for your memory. Bad news for Cantonese people.

skirt: thanks, I must see if there's any of that in Berocca.

Beth said...

That explains my poor memory then. I LOVE pork! Bacon, Sausages, pork chops, roast pork....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm