Saturday, June 24, 2006


The entire household has come down with colds, although luckily the boy has been the first to recover (probably because he was the first to succumb, and then passed it on to Baby and me).

It was a cheap trick on Baby's part, but she's succeeded in getting her sleep-training weekend postponed. I reckon by the time the next window of opportunity comes up (after the next cold, her fourth Meningoccal B vaccination and the boy's business trip abroad), she'll be old enough to give up night feeds for hard liquor.

Anyway, the poor wee mite is irritable by day and sleepless by night (okay - sleepless, full stop (that's period if you're North American)). Congestion abounds (except Baby has the benefit of our steam vaporiser and I don't), and appetites are all over the place (she won't eat her solids except with extreme deception; I've been beating a path to the fridge which is so well-worn that I should really call it State Highway 93).

It might well be the reason Baby didn't enjoy yesterday's swim class very much, and why she wasn't exactly pleased when I dunked her head in the water. Oops.


EB said...

"State Highway 93" - ha ha! I especially like that because I've been doing that too. Seems all I ever do is make munchies. Hope you get well soon.

happy and blue 2 said...

Hope you are all healthy soon..

Beth said...

Sorry to hear you're all ill. Eve has it too at the moment and she's being a terror. She's so full of it that her chest is rattling away like an old engine. WE're going through a lot of Karvol vaporiser here...

anne altman said...

thumbs up for babies in swim class!

i had friends who never learned to swim and they are lame.

Violet said...

eb: if you're weaning then all those munchies aren't going to burn up, are they?

happy and blue 2: thanks. Baby is heaps better now, but I still feel like someone dumped a load of tar into my head.

beth: colds are so miserable for grown ups that it must be unspeakably horrible for babies.

anne altman: I never learned to swim when I was a child. I think my mum feard I would drown or something!