Monday, June 26, 2006


I feel lucky that Baby really enjoys looking through my old Ezibuy catalogues, because they're free and they keep her entertained for hours. But I'm getting sick of reading her the same old board books before each naptime and bedtime, so it's time to get some more.

Mostly because I'm too lazy to go traipsing about the bookshops looking for good babies' books, I've been looking around on the Amazon site for books to add to Baby's collection (and not least because her favourites are actually library books).

Entering "That's not my bear" resulted in a list of several other books in the same series, which pleased me no end. That's not my monster and That's not my dragon (I'm probably showing my fantasy/horror bent here) are already on my wishlist.

Entering "Peekaboo" not only resulted in a couple of potential buys, but also a few amusingly inappropriate items, such as:

-Peekaboo Nightie Lip Gloss
-Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit
-Alien Peekaboo (there's no picture, but my mind sure does boggle)

But what I should really do, if my snot-clogged sinuses will let me, is to put on my hat and gloves and super-thick coat, put a well-wrapped up Baby in the buggy and trot on down to a nearby specialist children's bookshop. I could do with some exercise.


happy and blue 2 said...

LOL. I would have thought you could just search for baby books on Amazon.
I always found the library was a good source of great books (kidding). Second hand book stores were usually good..

Beth said...

Hi Violet - two recommendations for you.
I have a book called "Where's Baby?" which is a board book but has felt-style flaps so you play peekaboo with the babies in it to try to find where they are - Eve loves it. WE also have "THat's Not My Robot" which is a great one from that series.
Eve has a tooth!!! Has your baby got one yet?

Jon said...

'Everybody Poops' is always hilarious.... and slightly disturbing. She's at an age where it doesn't matter what you read her. Read her the phone book and she'll think it's great.

Once she starts speaking and is a little older, there is: 'Where The Wild Things Are', and I quite liked the 'Frog and Toad' books. Not sure if they were really friends as 'Frog And Toad Are Friends' suggester, or closeted gay lovers....

Desiree said...

Heh - yes, as an ex-librarian I would have thought that the library would be your first port of call? Anyway, here are my fav kiddies books - "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "No Roses for Harry", any Hairy McClary book (esp the plastic one which can float in the bath), anything by Beatrix Potter, Angelina Ballerina books, and for when she's older, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, and anything by Margaret Mahy. Oh and maybe Terry Pratchett's "Where's My Cow?" (you have to make all the animal noises; no, I'm not volunteering).

Buffy said...

Did you say Peekaboo pole dancing kit??

Angela said...

That's Not My Dragon looks like a great book! Actually all of the books in that series look really good.

I know children's books can be expensive. Have you ever tried It's my new favorite site. And I think you could find a lot of board books. Anyway, it's worth it just to sign up and get your first three credits for free.

Violet said...

happy and blue 2: well of course I could have. But then I wouldn't have found the pole dancing kit, would I?

beth: thanks for the recommendations; I'll look out for them. No, Baby is still toothless. But her gums are surprisingly hard, as I've found when she bites me during breastfeeds.

jon: that's not quite true. The phone book doesn't have colourful pictures in it, and anyway she'll rip the pages to shreds in no time.
Do you tbink these childrens' books' supposedly gay charactiers are being outed by openly gay adults, or homophobes?

desiree: the library is great of course, since that's where we got most of the books. Trouble is, if Baby really likes one then I'd read we owned our own copy. "where's my cow?" sounds good, except I really don't want to have to make the animal noises.

buffy: yes I did. I hope you didn't find this blog because you were searching for one.

angela: I've not heard of paperbackswap. It sounds like a great idea, thanks

Make Tea Not War said...

The Hairy McLary books are great. The Maisy books are good too- especially the lift the flap ones. We got a few for my daughter when she was a baby and they are still getting lots of use.

My daughter also liked when she was younger a number of the Happy Baby Words series (available at Whitcoulls). They are a good size and she liked looking at photos of babies. Plus educational!! Or at least good for vocabulary.

I can also highly recommend the Dr Seuss books. I actually find them fun to read because of the rhythms of the language which when you have to read them 5 times in a row (by request/demand) is a bonus.

Violet said...

mtnw: yes, I remember you telling me about the Maisy books. I'll look out for Happy Baby Words books, 'cos she loves looking at pictures of babies.

glomgold said...

Pole Dancing Kit? That's probably just a pole and... that's about it, right?