Thursday, November 24, 2005

Well, I never

Despite my natural preference for researching from books (a quirk I share with BtVS's Giles), it turns out that the Internet is the place to go for information about my little problem. There's even a term for it - reverse cycling, and it's common when a baby hits the three month mark and becomes a distractible baby.

So I'm going to try some of these suggested fixes:

1. feed Baby in the bedroom with the curtains drawn so that it's relatively dark and boring for her

2. borrow a sling, and feed Baby in it (it should block out distractions)

3. keep trying to feed her at frequent intervals during the day (so she doesn't have to catch up at night)

4. find and wear what's called a nursing necklace; a necklace consisting of interesting-looking beads so that Baby has something interesting to focus on while she feeds.

I think I'll try 1. and 3. first because they don't require me to go shopping.


EB said...

Wish I'd known about reverse cycling ... and now I do! Sounds like your plan could work in returning Baby to a daytime nursling.

Violet said...

eb: what - did you get the same thing with JJT? I don't know how well this strategy will work, but at least I can do something about it.

Wicked said...

A nursing necklace?? What a wonderful idea. Wish I'd thought of it 10 years ago... would have taken the stress of my double chins the kids loved playing with so much while they were feeding!

The Editter said...

boring for you though, no TV or reading while feeding... you'll just have to compose blogposts in your head instead!

Violet said...

wicked: heh heh! you don't have double chins.

editter: I haven't been able to read while breastfeeding for ages, ever since she started getting all fidgety during meals. I just try to get meditative.

boudica of suburbia said...

Nursing necklaces??

never heard of them before.

*rubs hands together with glee*

I reckon I could make a bit of money out of that!

Violet, would you like to buy a nursing necklace?


Violet said...

boudica: I dunno; I'd want to testdrive it first. I mean, if it doesn't work then all I've got is a string of beads, eh?