Friday, November 04, 2005

Hot child in the city

Gawd, but I hate those immunisation shots. Last time Baby got her jabs, it took at least a week for her to return to her settled self. This last lot has been even worse so far.

For a start, I'm sure she remembered the clinic and what happened to her last time she was there. This time around there were no cute smiles in the waiting room, but an anxious look on her face. The actual injections seemed to have hurt more too, because she cried more loudly and for longer.

Then, after we got home, Baby felt hot right into the night and into the next day. We tried giving her Pamol but she's become pretty adept at spitting the stuff out. There's this trick where you blow into her mouth to bring on her swallow reflex; well, it seems she's onto us because it doesn't work any more.

All the progress we'd made in getting Baby to bed nice and early in the evening, and without too much fussing, has gone out the door. She doesn't even go back to sleep after late night feeds, something she was good at doing up until two nights ago.

I heard that it's the Meningococcal B vaccination which has sparked off these side effects; well, she's got her last one about four days before Christmas. Yay.


Avery's mom said...

I get to take my lovely Avery for her two month check up tomorrow and I wasnt dreading it untill I read your post. I hope she doesnt remember last visit...she did really good but I dont want her having anxiety in the waiting room. I hope your sweetie is feeling better soon. hearing your midnight snacks dont work is my worst nightmare. It stinks having to wake every couple hours to feed but at least Avery falls back to sleep for a few.

EB said...

On the one hand you can be proud that she has a good memory and adaptive abilities!

Violet said...

robyn: Avery is probably going to be fine unless she's getting the Mens B shot; the others won't have such bad side effects. My daughter is already smiling again, and falling ti sleep right after her night feeds again.

eb: yes, she may br too clever for her own good...