Thursday, November 24, 2005

Published! Part two

Remember I told you that someone wants to use one of my photos on his website?

I asked him if he could pay me fifty bucks for the use of the photo. He said he'd check with his client, and eventually told me they didn't want to pay me thank you very much.

So...I decided he could use just that one photo on that one website, for free, as long as it's credited to me; any more photos and we have to talk turkey.

I'd put a link to the website on here, but I can't because it'll have my full name under the image. But I this is the picture they're using.


flying kiwi said...

Is that Napier?

congratulations, now you can add to your cv: published photographer.

Kazzer said...

Wowser - it was worth at least $200.

boudica of suburbia said...

I thought I'd repay the compliment...thats a nice photo! why don't people cough up these days? Its a disgrace I say, say I.


Violet said...

flying kiwi: it certainly is. I must remember to keep a copy of that webpage for my CV.

kazzer and boudica: why thank you! I reckon they asked to use my photo 'cos they hoped I'd be so excited by the prospect of published that I wouldn't ask for money...

glomgold said...

That's a nice picture those cheapskates.