Thursday, November 24, 2005

A vacuum in my head

I realised yesterday that I've heard advice from various Plunket staff, about my current sleeping and feeding concerns, on three separate occasions and they've all told me the same thing - but I only really clicked on to what they meant after the third time. It's as though the information went in through my right ear (my phone ear) and out the left. Or that is got stuck in a brain fog instead of heading to where it could do me some good.

What happened to the razor-sharp mind I used to pride myself on having?

I wonder whether it'll get so bad I'll be too scared to drive.

Anyway. It seems that my problem is mostly down to the fact that Baby can now see pretty well, and when it's light she'd rather look at stuff than fill her belly.

Why oh why oh why...haven't I come across this information in the multitude of parenting books I've read?


glomgold said...

Hopefully she will soon want to spend all her time looking at food during daylight. That's what I do.

Violet said...

Obviously she doesnt have a Cantonese approach to food (food=life/love).