Friday, November 25, 2005

The family saga continues

Baby celebrated her 15-week birthday yesterday by waking me up for a feed at exactly the time of day she was born - 3am. But she was nice enough to let me sleep afterwards,until 6am.

I think Baby has inherited more than her father's ability to hold her liquor (see the comments to this post) - she is also really good at sleeping in.

I decided that getting her out of bed at 6 or 7am or whatever was pointless because she'd display tired signs very soon after. So now, when she wakes in the morning for her first feed of the day, I feed her and put her straight back in the cot as though it were a night feed. This morning she slept in until 9.30am, allowing me time to shower and have breakfast before she called for room service. Her sleep-ins are good because if I fail to get her to nap well during the day, at least she's got 2 1/2 hours up her sleeve.

My mum continues to harrass me with phone calls to check whether I'm dressing Baby up warmly enough. She really tries my patience, which is already worn thin from having to spend an hour to settle Baby so she can wake up 15 minutes later for a last-minute feed. When she rang last, I'd just got Baby off to sleep again, and told her I really don't have an hour to spare listening to her go on about the same ole' thing yet again - I'd rather have a nap (or blog, but I wouldn't tell her that). Yeah, she means well, but still...sometimes you gotta judge people by their actions and not their motivations.


Make Tea Not War said...

The unsolicited parenting advice I found most obnoxious, judgmental and just plain wrong was from my one sister in law who- get this- doesn't even have children. She has backed off now but even the memory of it still annoys me and I doubt our relationship will ever recover.

I'll sort out sleeping bags in the near future.

happyandblue2 said...

Wow 15 weeks already. Time flies.
Glad baby is settling down. Too bad you Mom isn't..

Violet said...

mtnw: someone I met yesterday suggested I try giving Baby honey!!!

No hurry on the sleeping bags, as she's more likely to wake herself up by bashing herself around the head (hence the need to wrap her in her special blanket), than by kicking off her blankets and getting cold. She hasn't started kicking around much yet.

happyandblue2: My mum'll never change.