Thursday, December 02, 2004

You must be mistaken

For some reason, the elderly are much more likely to think I'm not from New Zealand, despite my assertive Kiwi accent, than other people.

Just yesterday, an otherwise-lovely senior citizen asked me what I had planned for the Christmas period - would I be going home to China for the holiday?

I gave her a blank look, but she didn't get the hint. I tried something more blatant, like telling her I was born here; moreover, so was my older brother, and my mum has been in New Zealand for over fifty years (much longer than your average skin-head).

Every now and then I get someone (with no ill intentions, mind) referring to me as "you people". It always turns into a monologue about how much they like Chinese food.

Just as well those people don't matter.


darth said...

hahaha..i used to get that too a lot growing up in a very white suburb...of course, when i lived in tokyo, i heard a lot of.."you are american? you look almost japanese!!" "oh, thats good, because.."

Violet said...

I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times to visit the relatives, and the locals can always tell I'm not from around there - it's because I look so much more well-fed and because Kiwi women are notorious as casual dressers (e.g.sneakers before stilletos, jeans over pencil skirts, t-shirts over halter-tops)