Wednesday, February 11, 2004

what to get him for Valentine's Day?

Last year I got him a tattoo - that is, he picked the design and the tattooist, I went to watch and use my credit card.

I might have to do the same this year, because at least I know he wants another. I did have a great idea today - buy him the complete series of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" on DVD. I found it listed on Amazon, and it wasn't nearly as costly as I'd imagined.

I was all set to order it, and a couple of other items too (the Buffy tv soundtrack, and a Buffy book edited by Glenn Yeffith) - only to realise that the DVD is Region 1 only i.e. it won't play in New Zealand. Cut across to the UK amazon site, and not only is it not available there until April but it's Region 2 only!

Then I found it being advertised on trademe. Turns out you have to pay 'em 10 bucks even if all you want to do is ask the seller more about the product. Luckily I found out (by reading more of his listing) that it's a Region 1 DVD. Guess I wasn't the only one caught out, at least initially.

So at this stage it's back to the tattoo idea. Or a book voucher from Graphics, where he buys most of his graphic novels.

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