Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Muscular women

Last night was my penultimate life drawing session, as I'll soon be starting my MLIS, which will clash. Our model this time was a female trapeze artist.

Tama had already drawn her a couple of weeks ago, and described her to me as a muscular body attached to a delicate and feminine head. So when she turned up last night, I was curious to see how she'd look.

The first, two-minute poses, didn't give much away. 'Huh? What's he talking about?', I thought. 'She's petite and merely well-toned...'.

Then she changed her poses a bit and I could see what Tama meant. I'm not talking bulk, not at all. But she's probably the most well-toned woman I've ever seen in the flesh. Think six-pack abs, back muscles galore and the utter lack of flab anywhere (especially on her bum). I was a bit jealous, but then again - she is after all an athlete and no doubt trains hard every day. I could do without training every day - in fact it's hard enough just going to the gym for an hour, three times per week.

After about four years of going to these life drawing sessions, I'm finally able to fit the whole figure onto an A3 page every time. For me, it's quite an achievement because for some reason my arm just wanted to draw big, sweeping curves. I, for one, was someone who had to 'tighten up' her drawings rather than 'loosen up'. So I'll be sad next week, knowing that my drawing will decline until I go back.

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