Saturday, February 21, 2004

Just another stormy day with 180 km/hr gale force winds

It kind of put me off leaving the house, the wind. But I had to get my three-year-old nephew a present, so we went to Toy World.

I was hoping to find something to satisfy his fish obsession, and move away from the whole 'Thomas the tank engine' theme. But we didn't see anything fish-related, so I got him a kite. It's pretty neat, as it's in the shape of a dragon. His Chinese name has 'Dragon' in it you see, so it seemed an appropriate choice. He probably won't get to play with it by himself - it's too big for a little'un and his Daddy will have to hold it for him. But I hope he enjoys watching it fly...though perhaps not in today's breeze.

I was really pleased to see a couple of comments on a previous posting I'd made, nice to know my efforts aren't being completely ignored. And it'll be a greater incentive to try to write interestingly too. So, if you're reading this now, thanks :-)

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