Monday, February 09, 2004

I finally get to watch Citizen Kane

After years of calling myself a film buff, and being embarrassed about never having seen it, we finally got the video out and watched it last night.

Yeah I enjoyed it, but more for the unusual angles and lighting than for the story. It probably would have had a lot more impact on me if I'd watched it at the time it was first showing in the cinemas - but of course many films have since been made, which parody contemporary bigwigs. I'd call it a film-maker's film.

The video had a short documentary on Orsen Welles, and featured several big-name directors revealing the value of Citizen Kane on their own work. That was a real bonus.

But what was it really about? What was the theme? That a man, however famous and powerful, is still only a man? That any idealist can be corrupted?

Whaddya think?

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