Thursday, February 19, 2004

Not the sweet person I thought I was?

Due to my background as a computer programmer, I became the unofficial apprentice to the Systems Librarian, soon after starting at the library. The idea was that I would be the first port of call for all computer-related problems, thus saving the System Librarian from spending too much time on relatively simple problems.

Apparently, ever since that decision was made, people have been inundating the Systems Librarian with computer problems - rather than coming to me first.

I'd be the first to admit I don't know a lot about computers. I only know how to program 'em.

But it was suggested to me today, that people might be bypassing me because I'm unapproachable, or perhaps seem to be grumpy when asked to fix something.


I thought I was the model of sweetness, with the higher than normal use of humour to deflect anger, the smiles to hide shyness. Okay sometimes I am grumpy, but that's usually only after work when I've had to sit in traffic for an hour, or after I've spent 2 hours in various supermarkets with my mother on Sunday.

What to do....?

I could try harder to be sweetness and light, or I could celebrate this sweet'n'sour aspect of my personality. Everyone should have a dark side, right? I don't do drugs, smoke or even drink (any more). This could be my second vice, after coffee.

Yeah, I led a very sheltered life.

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