Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Full-on Academy Awards display at the library

'Tis not an adventuresome place, the library, so we try to make little stuff seem like big stuff. For instance, one of the younger, more extroverted staff members won chocolate bars from the local radio station. When they were delivered in person by the radio guy (who is probably famous to those who listen to him - but not me), she shrieked with excitement and declared there would be chocolate for all. Most of the part-time staff don't have their own desk, so their team leader made the special effort to label each of those chocolate bars with the name of a different staff member. It all looked too cute, a little Post-it sticker on each one...

In honour of the up-coming Oscars, we made up a little display. It consists of the usual - posters of films including past winners, books about films, film-making and film stars, entry forms for a competition to guess the award winners, and film-school information for hopeful potential film industry workers.

Someone had the bright idea of including a dress-makers dummy, clad in a surprisingly glamourous ex-bridesmaid's dress, and putting a large paper cut-out of Nicole Kidman's head on top. Underneath it all was a small roll of red carpet.

I declared that really we should have the head of Peter Jackson (who is God), instead of that of an Aussie actress. Supporting my idea was that the dummy was certainly not wearing shoes and was therefore suited to being our Peter. However while I got smiles, chortles, snorts - I did not get enough support to exchange heads.

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