Sunday, October 31, 2010

A cardigan, kind of

 It's been several weeks since I finished the knitting portion of this cardigan, and I'm still no closer to getting around to adding buttons and blocking the thing.

So here are some pictures of how it looks so far.

The first photo shows you approximately how it will look buttoned up.

The second one is a close-up of the horizontal ribbing on one of the three-quarter length sleeves.
And the third one is how it looks  worn open. As you can see this garment is absolutely gagging for a blocking (and that's not being crude - it really does need a spray and a pinning out i.e. reshaping).

Also, it' much chunkier and less shaped than I expected. If you have a look at the picture that came with the pattern you'll see what I mean. I dunno what happened, I'm sure I was knitting at the right gauge and had picked the correct size to make. Maybe it's the yarn, because I think it was meant for droopier designs.

Anyway, it's good enough to wear and just the right weight for Spring (around these parts anyway).


Antoinette said...

Looks fabulous and cozy.

Anonymous said...

ACE! That colour would look bad me on tho. Glad it looks good on you?

Violet said...

Antoinett: thanks, it is very cozy. But not so flattering though, fit-wise.

donnasoowho: actually I'm not sure that colour does look good on me. I just love greens!