Friday, October 08, 2010

un-idle hands

Isn't it always the way - at least with me - that, when I have time to blog I tend to have little to blog about. But when I have stuff to blog about, I'm too busy doing that stuff to blog about it!

I have mostly finished my green cardigan that was knit, unravelled and knit again (in a different pattern). I might even get around to posting a photo. There is still the buttons to choose and sew on, but that may not happen until next autumn now.

Not only that, but I have already knitted the back, front and about a quarter of the sleeves of another cardigan, this time a denim-y look originally designed to be knit in Rowan denim
(from a book called Denim People - much cooler than it sounds). Only I'm using an indigo acrylic because I can't afford to order couple of hundred bucks worth of cotton yarn just for what is, in effect, knit-doodling.

And, I'm about halfway through sewing a pair of trousers! Because, as we get into warmer weather, I have to forsake my skirt-or-dress + opaque tights combos, and instead rely on breezy yet leg-covering trousers for work. I'm making a test pair out of some dark stretch denim (and a Burda magazine 4-in-1 pattern) and I reckon they are going to be okay too.

Again, no pictures. Probably because I don't have a flash and my mirror still needs cleaning


Anonymous said...

You're so crafty! I've not thought about clothes in months... except that now I'm at that weird stage of too small for my old preggy clothes but still too big for old pre-preggy clothes (so hardly anything to wear). Could go shopping - but not really up for that yet!

Violet said...

well I wouldn't say I was crafty - I don't make soft toys or rugs or slippers or anything.
You only want to get the minimum number of clothes items to fit you, because of course it's only temporary. See if you can find Gok Wan's How to Dress book because it's got some nice outfits for mums to be and new mums (as well as mums who've never lost that preggy fat).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I will look for Gok. We saw some people (clearly going to a wedding or something) yesterday with a tiny baby... the 'yummy mummy' was dressed up in massive stilletos and tight skirt etc and Ray was all 'why don't you dress like that?', to which I replied that I would if he'd buy me the outfit. ;-)

Violet said...

I tried on a pair of those once and nearly twisted my ankles as soon as I tried to walk...