Wednesday, October 20, 2010

not tonsillitis

When I got to the doctor's and showed her the left side of my head, she seemed very excited and fascinated by my condition. Obviously it's not something she's come across before. It was the ear that did it really. It was huge, florid and almost pulsating with not-quite-right-ness. She wanted to know all about it (maybe she'd been bored with a morning full of sniffles and sprained ankles - I dunno).

Anyway, a little TMI, so I'll gloss over the details. Suffice it so say that tonsils were examined and deemed healthy, so the infection was therefore of some other sort.

I got my prescription for a big bottle of antiobiotics, a note for my employers confirming I need another day off, and hope that some time tomorrow I will look and feel like myself again.

Actually, today I forgot I was sick on several occasions - I just have trouble turning my head, and my body temperature still goes a bit up and down. I even managed a couple of hours of work - checking and reply to emails and anything else I could manage from home.

And when I get back to work I shall be sure to clean my telephone very, very thoroughly.


april said...

It sounds like an infected lymph node. Hope the antibiotics do the trick! And BTW, your tonsils are in the back of your throat. If you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue, they are the half-moon fleshy things on either side of your throat. I know this because I used to get a lot of strep and they told me if I got it once more they were taking out my tonsils (which are much bigger than average). Somehow I didn't get strep again for 10 years. :)

Violet said...

yeah you could be right about where the infection is. The thing with the ear is probably a secondary infection because of my hopeless eczema-ry skin (ugh!).
Did you get to eat lots of ice cream?

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I hope your ear is much better today.

Anonymous said...

EOW! Although I'm with your Dr. Totally fascinating!!

Violet said...

Thanks for your erm...compassion. I'm feeling much better today thanks, My ear is almost its normal size and my avocado-neck is now far less elephant-man. Mind you, I went in to work this morning and one of the ladies said right away that she thought my head looked a bit swelled up!