Thursday, November 11, 2010

well-fitting trousers a moving target

I finished my test trousers (Burda Nov 2009, #124). They are made from a light-to-medium weight stretch denim which looks a bit like grey flannel from a distance.

I wore them to work - they were really comfortable, and slightly better fitting than most of the shop-bought trousers I have.

But the next time I went to put them on, they were baggy and yucky - big flaps of fabric around the thighs and far two much fabric at the crotch. And I had to yank them up every time I moved, so I didn't end up wearing them to work.

I put it down to the fact that stretch denim has a tendency to stretche half a size to a size after just one wearing. So I took them in at the sides.

Now I don't have to yank them up all the time, but somehow I've ended up with a fit much worse than I had originally. And here's where a coupla pictures is worth a coupla thousand words...

What the heck is causing that almost-camel toe?

Is it because the metal jeans zip iss weighing the fabric down?
Have I just got a fat pubis?
Or do I need to let it out at the inside leg?
Whatever it is, it's definitely a familiar problem I've had with some shop-bought trousers (only not as obvious as here).

Anyway, if you know the answer, please tell me - because otherwise it'll be back to the rip 'n' sew, trial and error method.


Antoinette said...

Nice job with the pants!!!! If you can get these to fit perfectly you will never suffer the ill-fitting pant again. Big accomplishment!

According to my Stretch and Sew Pants Book, the fix for these lines is to lengthen and slightly drop the the "shelf" on the front pattern piece. If you send me an email, I will take a picture of this page and email it to you.

Violet said...

That would be fab! Saves me from having to trawl through a shelf full of library books looking for that book myself! I've already emailed you at the address on your profile.