Friday, October 22, 2010

The latest skincare quest report

It's a hard road finding the right face moisturiser when you've got extremely sensitive skin, a low budget and want to avoid products tested on animals.

I tried Avene (called Redness-correcting light Daytime Moisturiser, or something similar), but that was no good. Plus, I suspect they do test on animals.

I tried Natio daytime moisturiser with SPF15, and while it did a good job of moisturising, it still irritated a little. They do have a sensitive skin product though, so I could go back and get a squirt of it to try out.

I also tried apricot kernel oil, because clevergirl uses it (albeit an organic version). That stuff was fine on my body but not on my face.

By now I was ready to give up and go back to Shiseido Benefience, which was perfect for me until I decided I couldn't afford it any more. Unfortunately, while checking out online beauty retailers to see if I could buy some at discount, I found out that Shiseido does test on animals. So boo hoo, even if we won the Lotto I would still have to continue my quest.

So the next products on my list to try are:
  • Skinfood - it's a New Zealand product which has had good reviews but it's quite cheap and I can't believe that something so affordable can be good
  • Dermalogica - they have a 30 day money back guarantee, but then it is really expensive and something that may have to wait until the boy gets paid
  • Natio's sensitive skin range
  • Ren - something I read about on the 'Net. I emailed them in the UK to find out whether it's sold in New Zealand, and they offered to send me some free samples!


Antoinette said...

Sorry the apricot oil doesn't work on your face! Were you breaking out, or itchy, or was it just not moisturizing enough?

Anonymous said...

Nutrimetics? Seven years ago I could have sold you some.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've also been using Lucas paw paw ointment on GG (bot plus also milk rash on his face) seems very benign.

Violet said...

Antoinette: yeah, but I'm glad I tried it. It went on well enough, but about half an hour later my face seemed dry and blotchy. Plus, I had to be careful not to get it too close to my eyes because it made them sting.

donnasoowho: I remembered trying some Nutrimetics in my 20's. It seemed to do its job well enough, but the lady who sold it to me disappeared. I haven't tried any since, and haven't come across anyone selling it at all.
I do have a tube of Lucas Papaw Ointment. It's good for the hands but a bit too thick and greasy for the face. Don't forget I'm one of those vain sorts that likes to wear foundation (it's the need to avoid scary small children).

Anonymous said...

What about just at night time tho?

I could probably set you up with a Wellington based ntrimetics lady. I have connections ;-)

Violet said...

donnasoowho: well if you can set me up with one of your 'connections', then sure that's a possibility. You could get them to email me at
v i o l e t s t e r @ g m a i l . c o m
(extra spacing to foil nasty Internet buggies)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for commenting on my Blog!

Since you have extremely sensitive skin and are on a budget, here are my recommendations:

* Daily Essential Moisturizer by Desert Essence
* Zia Skin Basics Everyday Moisturizer
* 100% Aloe Vera Gel & 100$ Jojoba Oil

I've reviewed them all on my site, and you should check them out for yourself. Good luck :)

Violet said...

Charlotte: thanks for the recommendations. Did I forget to tell you that I'm also restricted to what is available in New Zealand? If I can find any of the items you've listed I'll definitely try to get a test sample.

Anonymous said...

I'll see what I can do ;-)