Friday, October 22, 2010

A working man

The boy has a job!!

Actually, it's a contract. But it's a well-paid one, with plenty of potential for permanent employment later.'s a job!!

On the other hand, he has to start right away - literally, next Tuesday. So we'd had next to no time at all to sort out after school care for TLM. And he's going to be away sometimes because he'll be at sites all over the place.

But then...he's got a job!!

He already has a list of things he's going to spend his pay on, hopefully one of those is a trip to the UK to visit his family because I've never actually met them in person. And taking time off for holidays is way harder when you're a contractor.

But at least he's got a job!!


Nigel Patel said...

Hooray for employment!

Violet said...

Hooray indeed! As happy as he was as a house husband, he'll be far happier as a bringer home of the proverbial bacon.

ella said...

That's wonderful news!

Violet said...

Yep, it's certainly a relief to be a member of the working class again.